Why Your Site Needs SEO

While you may be familiar with SEO you may not completely understand why your site needs SEO and how it can impact your bottom line. Ranking higher in the search engines means more traffic and more traffic means more sales or clients for you.  If you want to understand just what it takes to help boost the rankings for your site the first place you should look are the Google Guidelines in your Webmaster Tools.

In the past agencies and SEO service providers have had a less than stellar reputation.  Many of them used “blackhat” techniques to fool the search engine into giving them better rankings.  When Google makes updates to their algorithm and they do this regularly many of these sites end up penalized.  But search engine optimization agencies who know their stuff can drastically boost your traffic, here is how they do that.

A good SEO team will:

  • Make sure the technical elements are in place to help boost your rankings
  • Make sure that your meta descriptions are included and well written
  • Add high quality content to your site to rank for more keywords
  • Do extensive keyword research so that you show up for relevant products and services
  • Create a plan to make sure that you get solid traffic that converts

When to Hire an SEO Team

The best time to hire an SEO team is now, the second best time is when you are designing or re-designing your website.  They can transform the look and feel of your site to make sure that is built with both the end user and the search engines in mind.

Adhering to Best Practices

You not only want an SEO team that will adhere to best practices that have been outlined by Google but also best practices when dealing with clients. Here are some things that you should look for before you hire anyone to take care of your SEO.

  • Experience: SEO is a learned skill like any other and they should be able to back up their knowledge by showing you results that they have gotten for other clients
  • Knowledge: They should have a working knowledge of Google Webmaster Tools and other products to track your progress
  • Create Content: They should be able to create or at least improve the existing content that is on your site.

You should also look for a team that is transparent with the methods they use.  An SEO company that won’t share with you how they are promoting your site or what changes they are making is not one that you want to do business with.